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Screen Cleaning and Repair, and Chandelier Dusting

Window Cleaning is a very fast, convenient, and inexpensive service that makes a huge difference in the appearance of a home or business. The top pictures really show the necessity of exterior window cleaning as the left picture shows the buildup that has accumulated on the surface of the glass and the right picture shows how brilliantly the glass shines after the service. In addition, the second set of pictures shows the glass before any service on the left, the glass after the interior cleaning, and finally, the glass after the exterior had been cleaned in the far right picture. WOW! What a difference the interior cleaning rendered! And the exterior clean really sealed the deal!


Pure Water

 Window Cleaning




















At Legacy Window Cleaning, we have mastered the art of traditional window cleaning using detergent and a squeegee for many years and it is definitely an art form in itself! We have researched all of the latest tools and methods and implemented them to provide the highest quality, most efficient, and cost effective service in our region. But there is something better! Pure Water Window Cleaning is a way to eliminate the need for detergent soap to be used on glass. Detergent soap is very effective on the interior glass, but is less efficient on exterior glass. Using our Pure Water system, we can extract all of the dirt from the surface and out of the pores of the glass without leaving behind any soap residue, and in turn, creating a situation where the glass has nothing sticky for dirt to cling to! In other words, the glass stays clean much longer using this method!

  The tricky part to this method is removing ALL of the minerals from the water in order to make it pure enough to use on windows so they will be spot-free. There are systems on the market that purify the water but they cost thousands of dollars and are very inefficient, making the cost of this method very high, but we designed and built our own filtration system using reverse osmosis and mixed bed deionization. Our system is inexpensive, efficient, and environmentally friendly, and best of all, it makes this method no more costly for the consumer than traditional window cleaning, but with a much greater end result! I have uploaded a copy of our brochure in order to give you all of the pertinent information.

We offer Screen Cleaning Service as an add on service at the time of any scheduled window cleaning service.
Screen Repair Service is also available upon request.
In addition to these services, because of such overwhelming demand, we offer Chandelier Dusting Service. We just need prior notice for this service so we can bring our 12' step ladder in order to safely and confidently reach your chandelier.

If you would like a free estimate, or would like to ask any questions, please click on the Chat button, or give us a call. We would love to hear from you!

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