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Solar Panel and Sign Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning is a very underestimated service that can yield you dividends! The companies that sell solar panels want you to believe that they are "self cleaning" so they can close the sale fast and make you believe that this is the one item on your house that requires no regular maintenance but makes you money without effort. FALSE!

The example I would give to you is your car. If you leave your car out in the rain and never go the extra mile to wash it, would it always stay clean? Even if you never drove it and it stayed parked? No, in fact, it would get dirtier and dirtier until it just looked gross. The same goes for your solar panels, they need a wash every once in a while, but not just to look nice, they need to perform! In most cases with solar panels, they produce more power than you require for your home, so you get a credit back from the power company. When your panels get dirty, they can not produce their optimum output and eventually, with neglect, will not produce enough power for your home, let alone any credit from the power company. 

Cleaning the panels is a fast, efficient, and inexpensive process that is done using our Pure Water cleaning system that utilizes a carbon fiber extension pole with a gently flocked car wash style brush at the end, and pure, deionized water is fed to the brush to saturate the surface of the panel, while the gentle brush lightly lifts the dirt from the surface, and the pure, deionized water rinses the dirt cleanly away leaving no soap residue behind so the panels will stay clean for a very long time. The best part is the price, for example, a normal set of solar panels on an average size home generally costs less than $99 to clean! When you consider that you will get hundreds more back on your power credit, that's a pretty great investment in your home! Needless to say that they will look beautiful as well!

This Pure Water cleaning system is the same system that we have been using to clean windows for many years (our customers love it!). I have included a copy of our Pure Water Window Cleaning brochure and a link to a YouTube video made by my friend in Colorado to better explain the process. It is a gentle, efficient, and the most cost effective means to clean solar panels and is THE process recommended by ALL solar panel companies.

Sign Cleaning

sign cleaning_edited.jpg

We offer Sign Cleaning and we have various methods with which we can clean a large range of materials from Glass, Plastic, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Brick, Stucco, Steel, Aluminum, Wood, or pretty much anything else you can imagine! Depending on the surface material, we can sometimes just use our Pure Water system that was described in the previous section, and if the surface is more difficult to clean, we can use our softwash method as described in our Housewashing section, which will definitely take care of anything else! We can even counteract the effects of efflorescence on brick and stone. Efflorescence is a chemical reaction between salt and any mineral surface that leaves a white colored stain that is very unsightly. We have a proprietary solution that will remove it completely and keep it clean for a long time!

If you have any Questions about Solar Panel and Sign Cleaning or would like a free, no-obligation estimate, please call us or click on the Chat button. We would love to hear from you!

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