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We started out washing houses years ago and started seeing a bad trend particularly on white vinyl sided homes (it works for all colors as well) where under the eaves and under porch roofs, a reddish or orange rusty colored stain forms where the rain cannot rinse. These stains cannot be washed off with traditional methods, not even hot, very high pressured water. I felt determined to find out what is causing this and to find a cost effective remedy to remove it. 

In my research, I found that it is cause mainly from the pollution stemming from the mills and industrial byproduct that is carried by the wind. Over a period of years, if not cleaned very regularly, it leaves behind a stain that consists of  mainly iron deposits.

I talked to industry experts, searched Youtube, consulted Rabbi Google, put in many hours of trial and error testing many products, and found a product and process that is absolutely magic! First, I give the home a very thorough housewash with our proprietary algaecide and detergent solution, then I apply a purpose specific, environmentally friendly base solution (in the proper concentration) to counteract the acidity of the iron stain. In seconds, the stain melts away before your eyes and leaves the white siding brilliantly white like the day it was originally installed by the contractor! On one of the jobs we did last year, the neighbor was watching us apply this and shouted out in amazement at how quickly and perfectly it removed the stains. It truly makes a shabby looking home look brand new! The best part of all is that we found a solution that is low cost, so we can keep this service very affordable for everyone!

For more information or for a free estimate on our stain removal service please click the Chat button, email, or call and we would love to answer any questions you may have! 

George Formby - When I'm Cleaning Windows (1935)
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