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We have added this service because it is an important niche service for brick home owners and "Leaf Guard TM" gutter guard owners. Brick homes generally don't need a whole house wash because the brick in some cases is reasonably resistant to algae growth, but the trim at the roofline and the gutters tend to get really dirty and covered in algae and black mold. We offer a discounted service to clean up this issue. Unlike a whole house wash, gutter and trim brightening can be done in less time using much the same process. It is a very important service to perform, because that grime makes the whole house look much less attractive, but cleaning it up makes the home look brand new again!

The other side of this service is aimed toward the "Leaf Guard TM" and "Gutter Helmet TM" gutter guard systems. These systems rely on the surface tension of rain water flowing evenly over and around the top of the guard and clinging to the surface in order to flow into the gutter trough. The problem lies in the fact that over time, algae and dirt collect on the top piece, and disturbs the surface tension of the rainwater, resulting in the rain running straight down onto the ground, rendering the gutter worthless. We had a customer reach out to us last year for this reason, after they called the company that had installed the product to request a cleaning. The company told them that they were not in the habit of cleaning them and that if they did come out, it would be an exorbitant amount of money to do so. When the customer called us, we quickly went out to evaluate the situation, and found that our solution did the trick very quickly and easily. The other issue with these guards is that you must be careful with the paint on them since they are aluminum, the paint can chip off if not handled correctly, again causing the water tension to be disturbed, resulting in failure to flow into the gutter trough. We used our gentle softwash method and gently brushed the surface with a flocked car wash brush. The results were amazing! The gutters came out looking brand new again and the rainwater could flow evenly into the gutter with ease. But best of all, our customer was (as they say) "tickled pink"! And that's what it is all about!

If you have gutters and trim that need cleaned, or you own "Leaf Filter TM" or "Gutter Helmet TM" gutter guards and you would like them cleaned so they can flow properly, just click on the Chat button to request a free, no-obligation estimate, or ask us any questions you might have. We would love to hear from you!

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