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Housewashing has greatly advanced in the last ten years. In the old days houses were washed with a simple pressure washer using high pressure (usually in excess of 3000 psi) to scrape away the grime. That was great back when we didn't know any better. The problem with just pressure washing is that you are literally just scraping the grime off and much of it still remains in the pores and that remaining grime will start to regrow instantly, so within a few months the surface looks exactly the same as it did before, resulting in the need to wash it every year.

The industry has changed a lot since then. The process we employ at Legacy Window Cleaning is called "SOFTWASH". It is the process of using a safe and effective algaecide to dissolve the organic materials and dirt and then gently rinsing it away with no excessive pressure, no more than garden hose pressure is necessary. It truly is the most gentle and powerful way to clean homes and commercial structures.
The beauty of our system, and what sets us apart is that we have all of our equipment in one vehicle, we can wash windows with our pure water system, clean your gutters, softwash your house, clean your roof, power wash your concrete, install your gutter guards, and much, much more without the need to return multiple times. We even have the ability to bring our own water, (600 gallons, enough to wash 4 homes), so if your property utilizes a well, that is not an issue, we'll supply our own.

If you have any questions about our process or equipment, please click on the Chat button and we would love to answer them for you, please don't hesitate, we love to help! Also click on the chat if you would like a free estimate! Thank you!
George Formby - When I'm Cleaning Windows (1935)
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