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Most people do not realize the importance of maintaining their roof, but in this section, I hope to show you how easy and inexpensive having a BEAUTIFUL and HEALTHY roof can be.

   The picture on the left is showing a mossy roof that is on the shady side (north side) of a dormer. The sun cannot get to that part of the roof and that makes a perfect condition for moss to grow. This particular roof was approximately 20 years old and had not had any work done prior to our service in order to correct the problem. This picture shows the moss during our "softwash" process. As seen in the left picture we treat the roof with an algaecide and allow it to dwell on the surface and soak into the moss. The algaecide turns the moss into a Jelly-like substance. Within hours the roof surface looks like it was freshly installed by roofers! In most cases, the results are instant. The picture on the right shows the after affect, just like brand new! In the past, pressure washers were used to do this, but our process uses NO pressure, we just gently "rain" the solution onto the roof surface and let mother nature take over from there leaving no harm to the roof whatsoever. In most cases, we don't even need to walk on the roof at all. This process works for every type of roof including shingle, steel, clay tile, slate, cedar shake shingles, and even the new Erie steel shingles that are popular. If you have solar panels, that is not a problem, we take our time and work around them in a safe manner in order to protect your investment, and we can even clean the solar panels as well!(using our gentle, window cleaning, pure water system)

 Gleocapsum   Magma

The top picture above shows an algae that grows on your shingles called Gleocapsum Magma. This algae is identified by black streaks on the shingles that look very ugly and dirty. Not only is it ugly but most people don't know, it is EATING YOUR ROOF! The algae actually feeds on the granules that are on your shingles that protect them from the sun and keep them from cracking and leaking. If the granules can be saved and protected, they will allow your roof to remain strong for decades! But if the granules are eaten away, this leaves the asphalt part of the shingle exposed to the harmful rays of the sun which will in turn dry out and crack the shingle leading to leaking shingles which can then rot the wood underneath. That means very costly repairs.
   Most people think this is just an appearance issue, that it just detracts from the overall look of the home or makes it look dirty, but it is much more than that. To replace a shingled roof today costs on average $10,000 for a 1,000 to 1,500 square foot home. If a roof is cleaned to keep the Gleocapsum Magma and moss/lichen off of it, it literally will last a lifetime. Cleaning a roof every 5-10 years completely prevents the need to ever have it replaced. The best part of roof cleaning is that it is very inexpensive! Prices start at around $49 for a shed roof and  $99 for homes (in many cases only a single side needs treatment).
Your roof is the #1 most important (and expensive) part of your home!


If you have a dirty roof, please don't hesitate to call or click the Chat button to ask questions and/or get a free, no obligation estimate today!
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