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Last year we added Paver cleaning, re-sanding, and sealing to our list of services. It was very popular with many of our customers for the way it completely renews and refreshes the look of the pavers.

We particularly like the fact that the sealer protects the surface from the elements and any salt that may hit it and try to eat away the minerals in the concrete or stone mixture. We found a product that uses a silicone compound that penetrates the surface of the stone or concrete surface and fills the voids completely to create an impenetrable barrier that water and salt cannot soak into.

We first start by applying our proprietary algaecide and detergent solution to kill any organic compounds and lift out the dirt, then we use our large surface cleaner to pressure wash away the grime in a very even and consistent manner. Next we allow time for it to completely dry, then add the purpose specific, polymeric paver sand that comes in various colors, broom it into the cracks, water it so it can settle and harden, then we seal it with the silicone based sealer. The result is beautiful and the water just beads up on the surface when it rains. And you know its going to stay beautiful, bright, and last a lifetime when properly maintained.

Roof Sealing

This is a new concept to most people but for a number of years, many companies have been developing clear sealing products for shingled roofs. In our northern climate, dirty, mossy roofs have become an epidemic. Replacing a roof has usually been the answer until just a few years ago when it was discovered that you can quickly remove the grime on roofs in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. And now, things have advanced to the stage where the roof can be sealed to shield it from the algae that accumulates from the trees. It is a simple process that just consists of applying a proprietary roof sealer after a thorough roof wash has been performed. It is a very fast and inexpensive process that is pennies on the dollar compared to whole roof replacement. A roof cleaning alone can keep the algae away for around 5 years depending on circumstances, but add the sealer, and it will triple the time before another cleaning is necessary (that's 15 years!). If a quality shingle roof is routinely kept clean, it will literally last a lifetime without needing replaced. It is the #1 most important and expensive part of your home, your biggest investment, and when you consider that the cost to replace a roof on a 1,500 square foot home is around $10,000 and rising, regular roof cleaning and sealing is really a great, low cost investment in your home!

If you would like a free, no-obligation estimate for any of our services or would like to ask a question, please click the Chat button or give us a call today! We would love to hear from you!

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